Natural stone tiles cleaning and seal 

Natural stone tiles are preferred by many Australians today. There are plenty of natural stone tiles types. Granite, Marble, Limestone, sandstone are to name a few. But the problem with natural stone tiles are some sort of them can be easily attacked by household chemicals. Also, they tend to get scratched, stained and fractured.
Below mentioned are some of the few characteristics of stone tile types.
Marble – Marble tiles gets dull; it’s polished even with small amounts of acid. Tumbled marble is advised to be installed to acid prone areas like the kitchen. Polished marble tiles are very slick when they get wet.
Travertine – This stone is prone to get damaged by acid, so prevent using polished travertine in acid prone areas.
Slate – These stone tiles are prone to flaking and chipping.
Quartz based – Not suitable for areas where bare in the present because these type of tiles are easily flaked or chipped.

Why choose us?

We have a variety of techniques that could clean and seal your natural stone tiles. We use modern equipment to wash, scrub and dry your natural stone tiles. We use very less amount of water and detergents to clean your tiles, and we assure you that our products are safe for you, your children and even your pets. For sealing, we use penetrating or topical sealer. We will examine your floor and give you a personalized solution that which sealer fits your floor the most. It is advised to apply sealer every year. And based on the type of stone it is made from once in three years the floor needs to be fully stripped and sealed.
What is our process?
We have a process for stone tile cleaning.
We will vacuum your stone tile floor to ensure that no dirt remains on the surface.
We use a deep cleaning technique for cleaning your floor. We will force steam on your surface and extract any dirt on the floor. This may take around two hours, but it depends on the size of the area.
We will suggest you select protection for your floor from our variety of sealing colours. Then we will select whether to use a penetrative or topical sealer. We will apply the sealer on your stone surface. Best Deal Cleaning, cleaning services company specializing in cleaning construction sites, is the perfect option to start caring for natural stone with absolute present and future guarantees.
It is essential to carry out a qualified end-of-work cleaning after its installation regarding the treatment of natural stone. natural tile and grout cleaning services company specialized in cleaning construction sites, such as Best Deal Cleaning, is the perfect option to start caring for natural stone with absolute present and future guarantees.

The most challenging cleaning of natural stone occurs when it is necessary to remove specific stains, such as oils, coffee, hair dyes, various drinks, polish, paints, or other similar substances. On these occasions, the collaboration of a company specializing in cleaning natural stone is usually the difference between success and failure.

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